Why Fall and Winter is the Best Time to Remodel Your Pool

For many pool owners, the decision to remodel your old pool may be an easy one. Perhaps your pool is old and out and in disrepair, or maybe its design and equipment is outdated. Or maybe your pool no longer suits your lifestyle. Whether you’ve inherited an old pool with a home purchase, or have an old family pool that needs a makeover, many pool experts recommend fall and winter as the best time to remodel your pool in Phoenix.

Don’t Disrupt Pool Season

Even if your pool needs work, you’re probably still getting use from it, especially if you have kids at home. Planning your renovation for fall or winter allows your friends and family to enjoy the swim season undisrupted. Once the kids return to school and cooler temperatures arrive, the pool will be forgotten and you can carry out your remodel with no complaints or disappointments.

More Resources and Shorter Timeframes

Spring and summer are the most popular times for pool construction and remodeling projects. This means that everyone, from your pool builder to the local permitting office, are under pressure to provide a high volume of service with limited resources. But during the fall, project volume falls dramatically. So your builder can dedicate all of their resources to your project. This often means shorter timeframes and a smoother process. You might even catch a deal or two with suppliers. Ask your builder if any of their suppliers are offering off-season discounts. You might end up paying less for water features, stone, or even fire features!

Dryer Months

In Phoenix, the fall and winter months are often dryer. Less rain means fewer weather delays for your pool remodeling project. It also can mean less damage to your surrounding property by machinery accessing the pool area.

If you are remodeling your pool, you may decide that you want to make some changes to your landscaping around the pool as well. The good news is that if all of the work to your pool is done in the fall, that leaves you more time in the spring for other improvement projects. You may want to use your time in the spring to update your landscaping or create other outdoor living spaces.



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