Three Steps to a Natural Looking Pool

Three Steps to a Natural Looking Pool

One of the only problems with owning a pool in Arizona is the blandness of the pool designs. Almost every pool you come across looks pre-fabricated and fake, but everyone knows that the best pools are the ones that combine functionality with a natural look. Fortunately, you don’t have to settle for the same old, same old; with just a little work, you can have the natural looking pool of your dreams. Read on to find out three easy steps to a natural looking pool, and why you should hire a trusted pool company like Arizona Rainfall to lend a helping hand.

Develop a Landscaping Design

One of the most important aspects in installing a natural looking pool is developing a realistic landscape around it. Adding in some strategic greenery to the traditional poolside features will help make your pool feel more like a natural body of water instead of a manmade pool.

Before you do anything else related to your natural looking pool, you need to come up with a coherent landscaping design that your builder will be able to follow during the construction process. Adding vegetation to your pool area will give it a unique, natural feel that you will truly appreciate.


Add a Water Feature for Authenticity

When you see bodies of water in nature, one of the most beautiful natural additions is the water fall. Something about the look and sound of the falling water just adds an additional layer of wonder and authenticity. Well, you can give your natural looking pool the same feel if you add a water feature. Some water features can take away from the natural look, but a rock waterfall will make your pool feel like you’ve stumbled upon a backyard oasis every time you use your pool. Not only will it make your pool feel more natural, but the sound of your added waterfall can also be very soothing.


Use a Natural Finish like PebbleTec

Probably the most unnatural part of any pool is the finish, particularly if you use concrete or something similar. However, if you use PebbleTec aggregate pool finish, your pool will be guaranteed to have that natural look and feel you’ve been searching for. PebbleTec uses a finish with some of the largest pebbles available, giving a natural earthy feel that can’t be matched by other finishes. You can even get an added luminescent finish that will give your pool the type of shimmer only found in natural bodies of water when the light hits them just right. For that added natural touch, you can’t beat PebbleTec.


Take the Final Steps to a Natural Pool

As we have seen, with a little diligence and commitment, it can actually be easy to give your pool the natural look you’ve been searching for. However, following the steps to a natural looking pool only goes as far as your pool builder, and there is no better choice for installing a natural looking pool than hiring Arizona Rainfall. Arizona Rainfall is committed to providing you with top quality installation services that will help carry out your visions for a natural looking pool. From installation, to landscaping and on to water features, we can do it all. Contact us today and get started on building your natural looking pool.



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