Surprise Pool Construction: Shotcrete

Surprise Pool Construction: Shotcrete

Shotcrete: This word might not mean a great deal to the vast majority of the population, but to those in the pool building community or anyone researching Surprise pool construction, this is very commonplace. There are many misnomers and a lot of misinformation regarding shotcrete, and the largest cause for this is a lack of knowledge about it. In an effort to help shed some light on this topic, we are going to give you a brief introduction to shotcrete.


Shotcrete is not a different building material, but instead a different variation of standard concrete. In many cases, shotcrete is a much better option simply because it cures into a harder final state and it forms a more water-tight base.

Shotcrete is concrete that has been mixed with much less water. Because of the lack of water, shotcrete is applied by spraying the material onto the surface. Due to it’s dry properties, shotcrete is better equipped to bond to a vertical surface such as a swimming pool wall.

This is a big decision when building your pool. You want to make sure to pick the best material for you new investment. Call the professionals at Arizona Rainfall to help make the decision an easy one!


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