Pool Design

Pool Design

The design phase of your custom pool project is an important one, as this is when we are able to plan your entire backyard design – pool, spa, lighting, landscaping, water features, outdoor living space, anything you’re looking to include – down to the last detail. Using the latest 3D technology from Pool Studio and VIP3D, we are able to create a fully interactive rendering of your custom pool and landscape design, giving you a realistic view of how it will look once complete.

During the design process, we will work together to ensure we create your perfect backyard. At your free, in-home consultation, we’re looking to get a better understanding of a number of factors – including the layout of your backyard, what you’re looking to incorporate into your backyard and where the pool is going to go, just to name a few.

After we’ve established the scope of your project, it’s time for us to go back and create your backyard plans. Placement is everything, and using our 3D software, you’ll be able to see your pool, spa, and landscape from every angle, during different times of day and night, and with custom features and landscaping.

The software’s library features a limitless amount of details so you are able to choose the materials you’re looking to build with, or if you’re stuck between a few different ones, let’s try them all. Our software allows for instant changes, something potential pool owners will benefit from during the design stage.

There is truly no limit to what our 3D design software can do. No more imagining the sound of your water features bubbling in your pool or visualizing rippling water. Sit back and watch a full-interactive presentation to see how your backyard will be enhanced with a custom pool from Arizona Rainfall.

Once the design stage is complete, it’s time to begin construction on your new pool.

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