How to Choose the Best Location When Building a New Pool

How to Choose the Best Location When Building a New Pool

Are you planning on building a new pool in the near future? Choosing where it should go is an important decision, and one you should consider carefully. Keep these factors in mind when selecting that perfect spot in your Phoenix backyard.

Who is going to be using the pool? Will this dynamic change in the future?

Is your pool primarily going to be used by small children playing, by adults swimming laps or is it primarily for outdoor entertaining and aesthetics? Do you have elderly or physically handicapped swimmers that will want to have easy access to the pool? The use of the pool often dictates the size and shape, which can affect the location. Don’t forget to consider how these needs may change in the future. For example, do you anticipate having children and/or grandchildren using the pool down the line?

What type of events will you be holding with the pool?

Are you going to have lots of family gatherings with little kids or are most of your parties adults only? Do you want the pool to be in close proximity to other yard features such as a patio or outdoor kitchen? These decisions can all affect the location of the pool.

How are you planning to use the rest of the yard?

Some people are fine with having a pool that takes up the majority of a yard. Other people have plans for the remainder of their yards such as gardens, porches and play equipment. If this is the case, be sure to allow room for these areas.

Do certain areas of the yard gather more foliage in the autumn and winter months?

This can be a consideration if you don’t want to be constantly fishing leaves and debris from your pool. While pool covers will help protect your pool when not in use, overhanging or nearby trees can make pool cleaning and water chemistry more difficult, even in the summer months.

What areas of the yard get the longest hours of sunlight?

Many homeowners building a new pool want to find a location that receives sunlight throughout the day. But keep in mind that long hours of full sunlight will cause pool water evaporation. This will mean keeping a closer eye on water chemistry and topping off your water level more often.

Where will your pool be located and what concerns do you have? We’d love to hear from you.


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