Creating A Tranquil Paradise in Your Own Backyard

Creating A Tranquil Paradise in Your Own Backyard

Having your own special place to unwind and escape the demands of life is vital in today’s hectic world. Carving out some time to relax can not only make you more productive, but improve your mood and relationships. Imagine if that place were conveniently located in your backyard. No traffic to fight to get there and no appointment required. Available any time you want or need to access it.

Water features creatively incorporated into your outdoor space are the ideal way to bring a sense of peace and tranquility. Nothing soothes like the sound of cascading water. While water features are frequently seen as an addition to a pool, they can also be added to your backyard landscape design.

Water features that are natural and elegant are the most popular and include:

  • Rock Waterfalls –  can be constructed in any size and scale and look amazing. Use them to create a beautiful focal point and include a grotto for a cozy, private hideaway.
  • Ripple Downs  – allow you to enjoy the sound of water gently falling down layers of travertine steps. They offer a more earthy and natural look and are a perfect compliment to your pool or backyard landscape.
  • Bubblers – a great addition to a spa or tanning ledge. Enjoying the bubbling sound of water while lying in a chair soaking in the sun provides the ultimate in relaxation.
  • Sheer descents – a beautiful sheet of glass that gently pours into your pool bringing both a visually pleasing and soothing sound to your environment.

Bring your ideal vision of tranquility to Arizona Rainfall and our experts will design the perfect water feature to seamlessly blend and complement your outdoor space.


As a Surprise and Phoenix pool builder Arizona Rainfall specializes in new pool & spa construction, outdoor living design, landscaping, and pool remodels. Arizona Rainfall is uniquely qualified to build your backyard retreat.

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