Create Style & Relaxation with a Custom Water Feature

Create Style & Relaxation with a Custom Water Feature

Water features bring a new dimension to your backyard pool. By incorporating water features into your poolscape, you not only add an artistic element, but depth, as well. In addition to a beautiful pool, you now have constant movement and fluidity — a design trend that differentiates between the ordinary and extraordinary.

Selecting Your Water Feature

While water features are best integrated into a new build, they can also be retrofitted into your existing pool. Either way, their visual appeal will keep people talking. The team at Arizona Rainfall will work with you to select the water feature or features that will make your pool stand out and provide the overall look you’re envisioning.  Arizona Rainfall offers a variety of water features including:

  • Ripple Down water features are vertical sheets of water that spill over travertine layers, much like water cascading down steps. This water feature is great for those who want to have a more natural, earthy look to their pool, as well as those who enjoy the sound of moving water.
  • Sheer Descents are water features that gently pour into the pool from pool or spa walls and come in configurations as various as a “sheet of glass” effect to sheets of rain-like droplets. They range in size from a few inches wide to several feet for a plethora of elegant looking applications, all providing the soothing sound of falling water!
  • Rock Waterfalls are most popular with freeform and lagoon-style pools, waterfalls can be constructed of a variety of stone and stone-look materials and in any size and scale. An especially popular trend is a larger-scale waterfall that creates a hidden, swim-in grotto, equally perfect for an exciting childhood adventure or a romantic stolen kiss!
  • Tanning Ledge, commonly called a sun shelf or baja bench; a flat ledge typically located at the entrance of the pool. This tanning ledge is the perfect location for a lounge chair or the sun-worshipper who wants to avoid getting overheated from the sun or fully submerged while enjoying the pool.
  • Fire Bowls are water features with a split personality! During the day, they are unassuming, but are a great focal point of your swimming pool. At night, they come alive as their flames create a beautiful and dramatic ambiance.
  • Bubblers are playful, gurgling fountains usually placed on steps or a tanning ledge that splash up from under the water. This creates a more unpredictable, free-form fountain that invites splashing good fun!
  • Swim-up Bars are a great way to bring the fun of having a cocktail or food served to you in the pool because if you don’t have to get out why would you? These areas feature built-in bar stools made of stone, tile or precast finishes and a bar that can be adorned in glass tile or beads. The options are endless.
  • Tables with Bench are a great way to create a common gathering area in the pool. This is a perfect addition for those who enjoy entertaining, as their guests will be able to enjoy a snack or beverage without ever getting out of the pool. 
  • Pool Lighting adds a whole new dimension to the look you’re trying to achieve. Whether you’re incorporating LED accent lighting throughout the project or into custom features such as rainfalls, bubblers, or steps, a little illumination goes a long way.



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