5 Things to Consider When Choosing Your Pool Depth

5 Things to Consider When Choosing Your Pool Depth

Swimming pools offer many options and are often custom tailored for each particular family. In many cases, pools are designed with a specific feature or option in mind. One of the choices that many people struggle with is the pool depth. While the average, residential, in-ground pool has a depth of 8 feet, some people are not comfortable with this depth. Here are five things to consider when choosing a pool depth that best suits your lifestyle.

1. What are your plans for this pool?

For prospective pool owners who are simply looking for a pool to swim laps in, you may not need a pool that is very deep. An 8-foot pool will cost you more and may be a waste of resources. In contrast, a family that would prefer to lounge in a resort setting, for example, a pool of various depths, including a deep end, may provide you with more options for play and recreation.

2. Are you planning on using a diving board, jump rock or water slide?

These are great water features to add to a pool. However, if you are planning on adding these features, you will definitely need a pool that has a minimum depth of 8 feet. Diving can be fun but it can be dangerous if the pool is too shallow.

3. Have you considered the ground in your yard?

All yards are different in layout and size, so what works at one home may not work at another. Before beginning on a pool project, it’s important to review any potential issues with your soil such as over-saturation, which may restrict you from being able to construct a deeper pool.

4. Can every member of your family swim?

While this may sound odd, safety should always be a number one priority when considering the pool depth. A deeper pool will require a stronger swimmer. If there are some family members who cannot swim well, this may be a good reason to go for a pool of uniform depth to ensure the safety of all.

5. Is it affordable to care for a pool that is extremely deep?

Deeper pools will require more water and more chemicals to maintain proper upkeep. Something to consider is how much time you will spend in the deep end. For most, a majority of time is spent in the shallow areas.



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