5 Family Fun Pool Features

5 Family Fun Pool Features

Your pool is a perfect place for you and your family to gather for fun family moments. If you’re planning to build a swimming pool that your whole family can enjoy, consider choosing features that create opportunities for both fun play and relaxation. Your swimming pool has many different options and they all offer unique ways to enjoy family fun. Here are a few that we love, starting with the more traditional favorites and ending with some newer trends.

Water Slides

The water slide is one of the biggest attractions for younger kids and certainly a swimming pool classic. They love the feeling of the fall and the big splash into the pool. Adults enjoy slides too! Try spending a few minutes with your kids on the slide this summer and reconnect with your childhood! Your pool slides range from prefabricated products to custom built slides that use the design elements of your pool to create a more subtle slide area that doesn’t detract from your pool’s style.

Sheer Descent Waterfalls

Arguably the most complimentary water feature to the geometric pool given its matching crisp lines is the sheer descent waterfall. Unlike the typical bubbling rock waterfall which often accompanies freeform pools, the sheer descent provides a smooth cascade of water that continuously pours into the pool. Not only is it a visual delight, but many include this waterfall in their pool designs because of its therapeutic qualities.


Another great feature of a family pool is the spa area. There is nothing quite like going from the warmth of the spa to the coolness of the pool. When elevated, the spa also creates a dramatic focal point for your pool design. Consider giving your spa a spill-over feature for a beautiful effect that the kids will also get added fun from. (Always make sure that kids are well attended in the spa- while it is more shallow it is not a baby pool and still poses drowning risks.)


Bubblers are upward facing water jets placed in shallow pool areas. The jet breaks the water surface in a fun, bubbling fashion that kids and babies love! You can backlight them with colored lights to add to the fascination and create an impressive night display.


Grottos are constructed of a variety of stone and stone-like materials in any size and scale. They use a combination of stone structure and flowing water to create a cave-like area that kids and adults will all enjoy! They are a classic addition to any pool and spa style.



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