4 Things to Consider When Planning Your Surprise Pool Budget

4 Things to Consider When Planning Your Surprise Pool Budget

Every pool has an initial investment as well as ongoing maintenance, upkeep, and repair costs to keep it in great shape. While a Surprise swimming pool does not last forever, if you take regular preventative measures, maintain a water chemistry balance, and complete other pool upkeep tasks, you will greatly extend the life of the pool. Are you wondering what to consider when planning your Surprise pool budget? The primary monthly components include energy, chemical, water usage, and pool maintenance.

As you begin calculating your monthly payment, keep in mind that every pool is different. Many pools include capacity for adjusting flow, pump performance, and energy consumption. It is worth taking the time to learn how to adjust these levels to reach an optimal balance.

Energy usage

Older pools often have motors that are too large and consequently draw more energy. It used to be popular opinion that bigger pumps were better, which simply isn’t true. Nowadays, many pool equipment manufacturers not only offer smaller, more energy saving equipment options, but new technology that tackles multiple maintenance tasks at once. Unlike a traditional speed pump that comes with one set speed, a variable speed pump comes with several speeds that adjust to match your pool’s immediate needs. Instead of using one speed at full power whether your pool needs it or not, a variable speed pump can help you avoid large energy drains and shocking electricity bills.

Chemical usage

The chemistry of your pool water will strongly depend on how well it’s being circulated. The better water is being circulated (distributed) throughout your pool, the less pool chemicals your pool will require in order to maintain a safe, clean swim environment. Equipment such as the in-floor cleaning & circulation system automatically sweeps the pool floor and circulates water from the bottom up. Using Venturi technology, this system distributes warm, sanitized water to every area of your pool and is specially engineered to offer a host of energy and cost saving features as well.

Water usage

A monthly water bill is largely dependent on how efficiently you use the water in your pool and the water rates in your specific area. This cost range may differ for pools of different sizes. Also keep in mind that the more swimmers and pool play you have, the more splash out you’ll have, requiring you to top up your pool water levels. Hot sun causes evaporation in the summer months. Remember this when planning the location of your pool; long hours of full sunlight will require you to top up water more often, raising your monthly water costs.

Pool maintenance

Some people opt to complete pool maintenance tasks themselves instead of hiring a cleaning company and do not include it in a list of what to consider when planning their pool budget. Whether you complete the work yourself or not, there are sizable costs for chemicals and pool treatments. If you are cleaning your own pool, you also have to calculate the amount of time you will spend working on the pool every day and then plan accordingly.

For pool owners who would like to take on pool maintenance themselves, a variable speed pump combined with an in-floor cleaning system can offer the perfect combination of energy efficiency, extended pool life for long term value, immediate savings on monthly operating costs, and the ultimate luxury pool experience.


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