3 Phoenix Pool Repairs You Shouldn't Put Off

3 Phoenix Pool Repairs You Shouldn't Put Off

For most pool owners, the benefits of having a swimming pool greatly outweigh the responsibilities. Though it quickly becomes apparent that it takes work to keep a pool clean and enjoyable, most homeowners soon become familiar with the necessary tasks and are able to settle into an easy routine. However, even when a pool owner does a good job of keeping a pool well maintained, there will be times when a pool needs repairs. Some basic repairs you will be able to do on your own, but when you are not able to fix the problem, it is time to call in a professional. Certain issues can lead to serious problems if left too long. Here are 3 Phoenix pool repairs you should address as soon as possible.

A Pool Leak

The first type of problem that requires immediate attention is a leak in the pool. In addition to the water expense of continually refilling the pool, leaks can also quickly cause costly damage to nearby structures including your home, as erosion under or around a foundation can cause cracking and other destructive conditions. There are many different places from which the pool may be leaking, including the plumbing, equipment, light niches, and [cracks in the plaster or waterline tile/a tear in the liner]. Even if there is visible water in a particular area that seems to indicate a leak, it is always best to call in a trained professional to locate the leak and fix the issue. Professional leak detectors are trained in the use of sophisticated methods and specialized equipment that specifically pinpoint leaks, saving wasted time and money in more imprecise trial and error.

Poor Pool Filtration

Problems with the pool’s filtration system are also on the list of issues that need attention right away to avoid an unsafe swimming environment as well as conditions that can cause damage to the pool and other equipment. Pumps repeatedly losing prime or making unusual noises, or sluggish or stopped water returns can all be symptoms of a filtration problem. Solutions can be as simple as a filter cleaning or as complex as replacing a pump or filter, but calling in an expert with experience in diagnosing issues is almost always the best course of action. Remember that pool plumbing is a highly pressurized system and should only be worked on by a knowledgeable professional. If you begin to hear loud whining noises coming from the equipment area, turn the filter pump off immediately and call your local pool specialist.

Cracked or Damaged Light Fixtures

Though electrocutions from faulty pool lighting are very rare, you should practice regular inspections of older pool and spa lights. If you notice water inside a pool light cover or an underwater lighting fixture that is cracked, corroded or damaged, or if you experience flickering pool lights, remove all swimmers from the pool immediately and call a qualified swimming pool technician to investigate and repair the issue. Do not allow access to your pool until it has been verified to be safe. If you have a pool cover, cover the pool while waiting as an added precaution. You can never be too careful when it comes to electrical wiring- especially in your swimming pool.

Many pool owners put off repairs because of the possible expense, but when it comes to your pool, ignorance is never bliss. Pool repairs are often less costly if addressed as soon as you become aware of a problem. Putting repairs off can lead to worsened conditions, causing more extensive work or even damage to other elements of the pool. If you suspect your pool needs repair work, call the professionals at Arizona Fall to efficiently identify the problem and provide the best and most cost-effective solution. You will be glad you did, and will reap the rewards of a safe, beautiful pool to enjoy for years to come!



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