The Health Benefits of Swimming

The Health Benefits of Swimming

Swimming is a fun activity that brings with it a number of lifelong health benefits in Peoria and surrounding areas. Unlike land-based exercises, it is low impact and low stress, yet it still works the cardiovascular system and improves muscular endurance just like running, cycling and other exercises.

Apart from those benefits, here are some other reasons why you should consider going for a dip in your pool:


Almost Anyone Can Swim

Swimming has a low injury rate. Regardless of whether you are overweight, have high blood pressure, suffer from joint pain, are pregnant or have diabetes, the buoyancy of the water takes away one-tenth of your weight, which reduces impact on your muscles and joints.


You Will Burn Calories

Being active in water may not burn as many calories as comparative land-based exercises, but you can still shed pounds each week by going for a swim. How many calories you burn will depend on:

  • How far you swim
  • How fast you swim
  • Your swim and stroke style

The average person will burn 3 calories per mile, per pound of body weight. But you can keep better track of the calories burned by investing in a water-resistant fitness tracker or heart rate monitor.


Easy on the Muscles and Joints

Land-based exercises are hard on the body while swimming decreases the amount of stress on your muscle and joints. Moving in water will also allow you to build strength, cardiovascular fitness and endurance.


A Great Complement to Any Workout

Throwing some swimming into your weekly workout regime is the perfect way to complement your cross-training workout. Getting in your pool is also a great way to heat up the body and cool down from other forms of exercises as it gradually increases and decreases your heart rate.


Reduces Stress and Promotes Relaxation

Any form of exercise can ease the mind and body, but swimming in your pool is particularly relaxing. It can be used for stress reduction and meditation, and just floating along the water will bring calm to even the busiest of minds.


You Can Do More than Swim in a Pool

Lap swimming – whether it be freestyle, the backstroke or doggy paddling – is a great full-body workout. But other exercises like pool running, jumping jacks, water aerobics and treading water can be just as effective in burning calories while improving your overall fitness.

Before you start your new aquatic exercise regime in your pool, remember to always have a bottle of water nearby and work with your physician, if needed, to create a plan that will allow you to maximize these health benefits.


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