How Pool Algae Grows In and Can Affect Your Pool

How Pool Algae Grows In and Can Affect Your Pool

If you own a pool, you’ve probably heard a lot of talk about pool algae and all of the negative effects it can have. If you have continually asked yourself, “What is algae?”, you should know that it is a small, plant-like organism that can live and grow in your pool. It can grow in the sun or the shade, but it thrives in a warm environment with plenty of sunshine. While it generally won’t harm swimmers, a pool full of algae can make your pool look dirty and keep swimmers away. Because of the harsh Summer in Peoria and the surrounding areas, algae in the pool can become a big problem for some pool owners.

There are thousands of varieties of pool algae that are classified into three types: 

  • Green algae
  • Yellow algae
  • Black algae

Green algae is the most common form of pool algae for most owners. It is usually caused due to poor filtration and sanitation. Yellow algae is the second most common type of algae found in pools. This algae is usually caused by a lack of sunlight in the pool and often gets mistaken for pollen. Black algae is definitely the worst of the different types and is usually brought into a pool by swimming suits that were worn in the ocean or contaminated pool equipment.

The best way to get rid of pool algae is prevention, but don’t worry, it can be removed once it does enter your pool

Green algae is the easiest type to get rid of. Usually, a little bit of algaecide will do the trick for this type. Always be sure to monitor your pool filters and clean your pool daily to prevent this type of pool algae. If you’re dealing with yellow algae, you’ll need to super shock your swimming pool – the average amount of sanitize just won’t do the trick. You can also try to trim trees to give your pool more sunlight to prevent yellow algae.

Since Peoria is far away from the ocean, black algae will not be a problem that you encounter often. Unfortunately, it is the hardest type to get rid of due to the strong roots that grow. If you’re looking to get rid of black algae, be prepared to heavily scrub the walls of your pool and moderately large amount of chlorine to clean it out. It can be prevented by always making sure that swimming suits and equipment are sanitized before entering the pool.

If you’re experiencing the nagging effects of algae, be sure to contact your local pool service provider to help nip it in the bud and help get your pool walls back to being crystal clear.


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